March 20, 2010

Cupcake Hangover

Brett and I went for our cupcake tasting this morning at Whodidily. We decided that we are going to have cupcakes at the wedding, instead of a traditional cake, and so we got to try out all the different flavors to know which ones we liked the best.

The owner, Wendy, goes to our church, and so we thought we'd like to try out her business.

We were greeted, and Wendy wanted to learn a little bit about our story. :) Then we were treated with 14 different cupcakes to taste. Oh my!!!

Brett's favorites were the ones with the peanut butter candies. I really liked the vanilla ones. We decided that we'll probably just go ahead and get a couple of each kind so our guests can then decide which one they want to eat. :)

We brought home a LOT of leftover cupcake....which I'm sure won't happen at the wedding!! Fun morning, full of sugar and pink! :)


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