March 20, 2010

Showering LB with Love

My lovely Laura is getting married......and she's leaving us - boo!! Leslie and Jen hosted a wonderful shower before she and her mom, Ruth, took off for their East Coast road trip.

The girls cooked up a delightful tart, some super tasty cookies, and oh....the brownies....they were SO good!!

Leslie and Jen decided that it was to be "cocktail attire", which was so much fun! I hardly ever get dressed up...and so it was a nice change to have to pull out and dust off a dress for the evening. :)

We had a wonderful night of fun times, good conversations, and some other girly activities! Let's just say that we set Laura up for her honeymoon and then some. :)

I had such a great time with Laura's friends. I've been so lucky to call some of these women my friends too by knowing Laura. I'm so sad that she's leaving Santa Barbara, but am so, SO, excited about her future with Benny.

Of course we had to get all of the girls in a group self portrait!

I can't wait to be there when Laura becomes Mrs. Sears!! That Benny, he's a lucky, lucky guy!!

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LB said...

bah! such fun... miss you!!