March 18, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

At home group last night, Juliann invited anyone that wanted, to join us for breakfast at 7 am at Jeannine's this morning. It was a great way for some of us girls to get to know each other a little better. I couldn't imagine a more perfect reason for getting up earlier than I would have to for work.

We had a nice time chatting, sharing stories, sharing testimonies, and enjoying each other first thing in the morning. I took off on my way to work a little after 8, feeling so much more refreshed than just driving straight there. I look forward to more morning meetings with some great girls.

Right after work I went to grab Brett so we could go visit the newest girl in the SB gang - Piper Jane! She was born on March 3rd and was ready for some visitors. She was so tiny and cute!! It was great to see Janey and Mark - they are super naturals at parenting. Janey has the swing down pat - I still need some practice!!

After that, I met up with Amy so we could hang out on one of her last nights in SB. Everyone is moving!!! She came to get me, and we ended up at Edomasa for sushi. She had been there the night before, but it was my first time.

We found a spot at the sushi bar where we got to see the chef roll our sushi. I had a few tuna rolls and they were super tasty. I learned that this place is open late, so I'm sure that Brett and I will be back sometime soon. So good, and a great time hanging out with Amy!

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