March 30, 2010


Tonight we had two reasons to head up to Blush.....1. Jeffrey is moving (another one, I know!!) and 2. Cheryl was celebrating her birthday! Was so nice that they were both at the same place so we could pop in briefly to say hello to both of them!

Jeff is taking off and going to be a bit of a traveling nomad for a while, but call his parent's place up north home in the meantime. We're also sad to see him go, but guess what....he'll be back! Just like everyone else. You can't really stay away from paradise for too long!! Best wishes Jeffy!! We'll miss you!!

Miss Cheryl and her gang were hanging outside....with their jackets on....because it really gets so chilly here at night! One of her friends made her a delicious looking birthday cake, but we couldn't stay to see if it was as yummy as it looked! Happy happy day, Cheryl!!! :)

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The City Girl said...

I'm so bummed I missed this! I could have made it, but I was seriously about to pass out from exhaustion....blegh. I hope you had fun! :)