February 4, 2009

A Love Story | Renae & Jeff

You will probably recognize Renae and Jeff.....they've both made more than one appearance on my blog. That's because they make quite a few appearances in my life, too. I love these two more than Chuy's salsa, and that's saying a lot.

We were trying to coordinate our schedules before the holidays to get a shot for their Christmas card, but it never ended up working out for all of us. Well, their one year anniversary is coming up....which seemed like the greatest reason to go out and get some new fun shots for the house.

We had this shoot scheduled for when Shyla was going to be in town, so I begged her to bring along her camera for the trip to Texas. I learned so much from her when she took my picture that I wanted to see her in action with a couple in love too! So, special extra thanks to her for coming along and sharing some of her awesome skills with me! Hope we can do that again sometime soon....we made a great team!!

Renae and Jeff....love you both!! Hope you love your pictures!! :)

For more of Renae and Jeff, watch the slideshow.


Marisa said...

i love the three shots of her on the railing - so cute!! nice job ladies :)

Work in progress said...

Oh my!! I laughed out loud and teared up a bit. You captured great emotion! Great job!

Anonymous said...

You can really see how in love they are! Beautiful people & beautiful pics AP!!!

Danielle :)

DCM Photography said...

A fun couple! Great shots AP. Renae is H-O-T!