July 25, 2009

A Perfect Saturday

It was such a beautiful day today, that I refused to sit inside!! Brett and Kyle came over to get me, and the three of us had a great afternoon.

We hopped on the bikes, and made our first stop at Sam's to grab ourselves some lunch. Back on the peds, we made our way down the hill to Shoreline Park, pulled ourselves up a spot on the grass, and grubbed.

The skies were blue, the sun was out, the people were having picnics, parties, walking their dogs, and all around enjoying the wonderful Santa Barbara day. There were sailboat races going on in the ocean, the wind was blowing, and we were loving all of it.

Kyle loves it when I take pictures of him....I mean, LOVES it. HA!!! So, when he got ahold of the camera, he was being silly, and got a whole lot of shots of nothing....BUT, the one on the right was one that he did catch, and well, besides my big bum being the focus of the picture, I rather like it. :) Way to go, Kyle!

After we'd eaten and sat for a bit, we got out the frisbee. I've never been good at this. As easy as it seems to throwing it, there is definitely technique involved. We gathered that I am not what you would call "athletic"...not in the slightest.....so I got some lessons, and at least 4 of the 20+ throws that I did were decent. I got this little video at the end of our fun of the boys, doing it all the right way.

We packed up and got back on the bikes for the long haul home. Almost the entire way there, I probably pedaled under 10 times. Even though it's very slight, it's all downhill to the park. Which means, that it's all UPhill on the way back. Shoreline has the slightest incline all the way back to Cliff. And it's HARD. I pushed through, and got to the top of the hill without stopping. Mind you, this might not seem like a big accomplishment....but for me....it is.

We crossed over Cliff, turned the corner behind Albertson's, and I was off. Last time I did this, I stopped a few times, even got off and walked my bike a bit. This time, I was determined to make it. I got up the first hill, legs were already hurting, but got up a bit of speed before turning the corner to get up Kenwood to my street.

Oh.my.legs!!! Yes, seriously, I was in pain. BUT.....I kept on going. Brett was behind me the whole time saying "just keep pedaling...doesn't matter how fast you're going, just don't stop.". I think that part of me wanted to just prove to him that I'm not a total wimp, but I kept pedaling. I was breathing so heavy it was embarrassing, but I made it. I made it all the way to my driveway before I hopped off and stopped. My legs nearly gave out from under me as soon as they hit the ground. My heart was beating so fast I was sure Brett and Kyle could hear it.

When I walked into the house, Erik was sitting on the couch, and I think he had real concern that something was wrong with me!! After a bit, I caught my breath back, my heart returned to it's regular pace, and everything was back to normal. ;) I know I'm going to pay for it tomorrow.....but maybe next time it won't be as difficult.

We were sitting trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the evening. We made a trip to Lazy Acres for some smoothies and food. When we got back, the boys decided to go check out TVs again, this time at Sears. I decided to stay home this time...I can only take so much. They came back a little while later with a new toy. Nice! :)

While they were gone, I put out some flowers. The yellow ones were from Erik (Danielle told him about Papa Sneed, and he brought them for me.....she's got a keeper I tell you), the sunflowers I picked today from Laura's garden. As I was putting them together, and setting the table tonight, I felt like Laura. Even Brett commented as I was swapping out the placemats a few times until I found the perfect combination. I guess she's rubbing off on me. :)

Brett cooked up some steaks. I picked some squash and zucchini from the garden this afternoon for us to cook up too. And oh, the salad.....the yummy lettuce....also straight from the garden. Laura's garden that she planted just two months ago is on fire....and it's so cool. I just can't get over how we have all this food right on the side of our house!! :)

It was a really superb day. I even got a little sun!! I'm absolutely pooped and I'm going to bed now!! Thanks Brett and Kyle for a fantastic Saturday!!


Jason said...

gardens on fire in santa barbara?

suzanne said...

Your love for life and positivity make me smile. I love reading your blog and witnessing your sweet spirit and obvious contentment (in ALL things ;)

Nicole Monique said...

Geez you have been a blogging machine!!! You are putting me to shame girlie! You are so sweet and inspirational and you really really make me wish i lived in SB! Love reading about your eventful life!

LB said...

So glad I was there in spirit!!