July 28, 2009

The Longest Tuesday

We landed in Charlotte at 545am this morning. After getting settled with our lovely Dodge Cruiser rental, we were on our way to Bedford. We hadn't eaten much, so when I saw a sign for a Bob Evans, I got giddy and had to stop. My memory might not be 100% accurate, but for some reason when I think of road trips between Pittsburgh, or Voorhees, to Virginia, I remember Bob Evans. Well, that and Wendy's.

I think that they've done some updating because the restaurant was a lot nicer than I remember, but that's not always a bad thing. Our waitress, a really sweet older lady, recommended the Farmer's Choice Breakfast....and that is exactly what I ordered. Two eggs, two pieces of french toast, sausage links (not patties), and a side of grits. Yummm-y! Brett had some meat breakfast burrito thing.

We were back on the road.....and 4 hours later, we were pulling into Bedford. It was a beautiful drive through NC and VA to get there. If only we were more awake to enjoy it!!

We met up with my parents and Taylor at the Super 8 in Bedford. They went off to see the beautiful Peaks of Otter and grab a bite to eat, while we had to get a little bit of shut eye.

After a quick nap, Brett and I went out to explore Bedford. First stop was the D Day Memorial. We read about The Bedford Boys and the D Day invasion on the beaches in Germany.

After, we drove through Bedford, past Papa Sneed and Grandma's old house, and the Elks Home. I've only been to Bedford a hand full of times in my entire life, but there is something peaceful about the town...and how it feels like it hasn't been that long every time I'm back there. It was a little sad to see how the new owners of the house haven't taken care of it as PS and G did. Even though it was rundown, the sun porch was windowed in, and the weeping willow tree in the side yard was gone - it didn't change the fond memories of the time we did visit Bedford.

After finding a new part of Bedford that I hadn't seen before....the part that has all the fast food restaurants....we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to get ready for the evening viewing.

We got ready and headed over to the funeral home. We were here in the same spot in 2003 for Grandma's viewing. Even though that wasn't that long ago, I'm not sure I was paying attention, because I hardly recall being there. I recognized a few faces, and met some new people. Overall had some great conversations with people that respected and loved Papa Sneed. When one of the ladies from the Elks Home was telling me how when Papa Sneed would come to choir practice, in the end, he forgot the words, but always had the melodies. I did my best to hold back the tears. They went on about what a sweet man he was, and how he was a true Elk. I'm not sure exactly what that entailed but it was wonderful to hear a great story about him, and that so many people came to honor him. He lived 94 years, and each one was full of life and love for the Lord.

We took a few family photos before taking off for the night. Funny story - Taylor said to me afterwards that Brendan and Bill were talking about how much Brooke and I look alike. I hadn't ever thought that before...but now looking at some of these pictures, I do see the resemblance. We've both been told that we look like Grandma...so I guess that is where it's from. :)

A few of us went to grab dinner at our favorite restaurant in Bedford - Olde Liberty Station.

It was a great day honoring Papa Sneed, and getting to spend some time with family that we never get to see.

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