July 19, 2009

Another week...zoom zoom zoom!!

I can't get over how fast the weeks are flying by. I really think it has to do with work. Which is a good thing, but I also don't want to forget about the fun little things that make me love this life so much!

Sunday was great!! It'd been so long since we'd been in Santa Barbara to be able to go to Reality!! It was nice to be back. We went to hang out on the beach for a bit afterwards....although we didn't really think our plan through all the way. We got a blanket, picked up some sunscreen and water on the way there, and then headed down to the sand. It was pretty warm, so we got in the water to cool off, but didn't have a towel to clean up all the sand. And since we had sprayed ourselves with SPF 30, we weren't getting any color from our sitting there in the heat. Oh well....we'll put more planning into it next time. :)

I enjoyed a wonderful evening with Vanessa on Monday night. I always have a great time chatting with Vanessa. Our conversations are so insightful and always filled with faith. I like that about Vanessa. I just like Vanessa. She makes me smile, she makes a mean salad, and she has great hair. One of the funny and less important things we talked about was how the status of our hair (for me - good or bad bangs....for her - curly or straight) can totally affect the day. I know, boys just cannot understand this....but me and Vanessa....well, we saw eye to eye on that one. :)

Tuesday was a special fun photo shoot with Laura for Good Spoon! I can't wait to finish up the pics, and see what she does with them for her website!! Woohoo!! Think spoons, aprons, veggies....oh my!!

Wednesday, I managed to get Brett to head back out to the tennis court with me. I will say it again, tennis is hard, but so much fun. I hope that we can continue to get out there and play....because I KNOW that it's going to be rewarding once I figure out how to do it right!

Thursday night I'm pretty sure I did some laundry and packed. I think?? Anyone know what I did? Oh, I know I watched results with Danielle of SYTYCD. Was that all?

I got to work at 6am on Friday (I KNOW - can you believe it???) to try and get some work done while it was early on the east coast. It was a great morning at work, and I'm going to try that again soon. I left work at 3 so Brett and I could drive to Vegas for Brit & Drew's wedding reception.

We had a great time in Vegas this weekend. I always have a fun time with Brett's family. I got to see Harry Potter with all the girls (well, all the girls and CJ too) on Saturday morning while the boys golfed. I got to play event photographer on Saturday....and realized that it's tough work. I was happy to be able to capture some of the moments from the reception, and can't wait to go through all of those pics too....but I think I'll leave that kind of photography up to the people that really know what they're doing when it comes to that. I am going to continue to focus on families....that is where I get the most joy with my photography! :)

Ok...so....I'll be posting pictures from a few things coming up here soon....but for my own sake, I didn't want to pass up posting about my exciting week. Ha!!

OH....by the way. I'm having way too much fun making little videos with my phone. So, just for fun, here's a little video from our trip to Vegas on Friday. Isn't Brett just too cute?? I think so. :)

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Vanessa said...

I'm so glad you showed me this post earlier so you could see the literal LOL (+head smacking) moment. I am so glad to find yet another thing we have in common....and I just really like you too! :)