July 11, 2009

Let's break for Tennis!!

I can't believe that it's already Saturday. This week FLEW by. After 5 weeks of training and such, I feel like I really started my job on Monday.....cold calling, emailing, etc, getting the word out about AppFolio to property managers in FL. I am so excited about our product, letting people know about what we do....but I have to admit that it's a little daunting growing a territory from scratch for the first time ever. I love people, and would consider myself a people person, but I'm realizing now how much easier that is in person, or with people that are calling ME. :) Anyways, I know that I'll get more comfortable , and be good at it soon, so I'm really happy to be where I am.

Besides that, I didn't do too much this week. I still have my annoying cough and sniffles...seriously, how long is this going to last, so I was taking it easy. I DID get out on Wednesday and took my first ever newborn storytelling session. The Huie family is awesome, and I can't wait to get started on the pics of Jeremy, Leslie and their beautiful daughter, Molly.

For the last 3 nights now, both Brett and I sat in the same room, on our computers and worked. He's been the most busy person I know the last few weeks getting ready for the 2.0 release of ShowIt. I'm so proud of him, but I'd be lying if I said it'd be nice if he didn't have to work ALL the time. :) Just teasing....it's been really neat to see his hard work pay off and see how much their business has grown in the last year. I logged into the updated version myself today, and am already making a few changes to my site. It was super easy to make the changes, and I love the new layout.

Anyways.....since he's been so busy behind his computer, indoors, he's getting a little more pasty by the day. Not to mention that I, myself, have hardly seen the sun in a long time. I called him this afternoon and asked if he wanted a change of scenery, to get some fresh air, and play some tennis. I was actually surprised that he said yes, so my response was, "Oh?? OK!! I'm putting on my tennis shoes and heading over!".

We navigated through the constructoin at Westmont and made our way into court #7. Of course I was happy to enter this specific court!! I don't think that I've picked up a tennis racket since I was 8. I've really enjoyed watching tennis on TV lately, and for some reason, thought that I could do it.

Well, the folks in TV sure do make it look easy! We started out hitting against the wall to warm up. The whole benefit of hitting the wall so it always comes back to you, wasn't really working out for me. :) So, after Brett was warmed up, we hit opposite sides of the court and started to rally. Not too soon after, Brett asked me if I've ever picked up a racket before.


So, he showed me what to do....even came up to me and mimicked the right motions for me, just as an instructor would. I had probably too big of a smile on my face...but hey, the instructor is also my cute boyfriend, so it's okay. I managed to get the swing of things (haha....another one for you, Emily) after a bit. Not on every try, but there were a few that were worth a "Great swing!" from Brett.

We also tried a two handed backswing and serving. I had fun, and I wasn't half bad for a beginner - go me!!! I got my heart rate up, and worked up a good sweat. Two things that I hadn't done in a while...so it was really great. :)

We grabbed a Blenders afterwards.....and now we've both been in front of our computers ever since we got back. It's been a relaxing weekend. I'm looking forward to church tomorrow and a start to a great week!!


Autie said...

Love it, Love you both and Love all your posts since Seattle!! Thanks!

See you soon!

whitney elizabeth said...

yall can't be any worse than mike and i!