July 21, 2009

Weather & Feelings

When I got Emily's email on Monday about Joey Ryan, I wasn't that jazzed about going. I haven't really wanted to do too much after work these days, and I'd seen him before....BUT, I decided that I had to go because I hadn't seen these friends in such a long time.

So, Tuesday I got a few things done after work at the house, and then went to meet up with everyone over at Emily & Amy's place. I rode to Ventura with Jeff and Amy. Emily, Vanessa, Kaitlin, Tara, Camille and Jen were the other lucky folks to join us. We sat right up front of the intimate place.

Tara and I split a grilled cheese sandwich entree, which came with a Caesar salad. Oh.my.goodness!! This was the most garlic-y salad I'd ever eaten in my life. It was super yummy....but I'm positive that Tara and I could have started a fire with our breath after dinner! :)

I was pleasantly surprised that the show this time was completely different.....AND little Joey Ryan was hysterical. He was totally cracking us all up. He said that he is going to name his next album "Weather & Feelings" because that is what all of his songs seem to be about.

He started out with one that was written in the back seat of a super full Prius, and it was about how much Omaha sucks. Then he went to London and hated the weather there, which caused him to have sad feelings. But then California is about where it's at....lovely weather = lovely feelings. :)

I don't want to forget to mention Javier Dunn and Dawn Mitschele who both opened for Joey Ryan. Javier was good, a little over the top on certain things for me, but I really enjoyed Dawn. She was really great!!

Have I mentioned how much I love my iPhone and the video capability?? I shot this little video of California. Enjoy!!

I'm so glad that I made it out on Tuesday night. I needed to be with friends, and this was perfect.

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