July 29, 2009

September 14, 1914 - July 23, 2009

This afternoon was Papa Sneed's funeral.

He was 94 years old.
He met Grandma, and married her 2 days after his 25th birthday - a requirement from her parents that he had to be 25.
He loved Grandma to the last day of her life, November 23, 2003.
He loved the Lord every day of his life.

I wish I had known him better, but I'm thankful for knowing him at all. I'm thankful to have learned more about him from the Pastor that performed his service. I'm thankful that he was loved, and by so many people.

I'm thankful that he and Grandma are together again, and that he's saying "How do?" to every one that went before him.

As I said goodbye to Papa Sneed today, I am reminded that, as a believer, it won't be our last meeting, and I'll see him again. I'm so glad that I was able to be there to celebrate Papa Sneed's life in Bedford.

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