October 12, 2010

A Family Story :: Ashley, Jonathan, Lilly & Olivia

Ashley contacted me after seeing Christi's maternity session images. We traded some emails and picked a date and spot to meet up with her and her sweet family.

Ashley and Jonathan's little girls, Lilly and Olivia, are just the sweetest and most adorable girls ever. When they popped out of the car in their little ruffle skirts, all dressed in pretty pinks and purples, I just smiled...despite that it was a colder than normal Santa Barbara evening tonight.

Lilly was a natural from the word "go"! Such a beautiful little girl.

She loves her Mommy...and she's THREE!

Olivia was a little more shy, and definitely Daddy's girl. She kept close to him almost the whole time.

Despite the different personalities...these little girls were sisters. The best kind.

If you hadn't noticed already....Ashley is due with number 3 soon. The little bun in the oven this time is their little brother. He's due to make his grand appearance in December, and I think that the girls, and maybe Daddy too, can't wait!

Such an adorable little family.

I could have spent the entire time taking pictures of Ashley.....she is glowing, gorgeous and the camera LOVES her!

It was also easy to capture the love that she and Jonathan have for each other.

Who doesn't love a little impromtu game of Ring Around the Rosies?

I couldn't help more alone time with just Ashley. Loving it.

As Ashley was sitting there, the girls came to join her on their own....but as hard as we tried to coerce them to both touch Ashley's belly at the same time, it just didn't happen. Then, all of the sudden, without any warning, they were done with that idea...and walked off. I just love the look on Mommy's face as they took off. Priceless!

Congrats to your family on welcoming another baby into the world!! I had such a great time with you, and can't wait to meet the little guy real soon!


The City Girl said...

Um, ok. You're amazing!!!!

That pic of the 2 girls laying down together is absolutely presh! I can't wait to see what you shoot next!

Your Biggest, Gushiest Fan

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This family story is very touching. You look quite charming on each of these images. Your girls were very impressed with the time spent.

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